Building Wealth

Learn the investment process from start to finish. We will teach you how to find the most profitable properties and the process of closing. Then, we will teach you how to create a renovation plan to help you save money and quickly place your property on the market. We will teach you how to select tenants, which is key to investment success.


We include bankers, financial planners and attorneys at the seminars so you can learn from professionals in the industry. They will teach you how to establish credit to finance your property, the costs of closing, and how to diversify your financial portfolio. You will also learn how safety tips and how to minimize your risks.


You will meet quality and trustworthy professionals in the real estate industry who will help you throughout your investment journey. When needed, we will provide references for contractors, bankers, other investors and many more!


Our goal is to teach you how to build success by investing in real estate without charging you extreme amounts of money. We charge $100.00 for a full day seminar full of valuable information and networking opportunities.


Upcoming seminar dates are TBD. Please send all inquiries to