Topics Covered in our Real Estate Seminars:

                ·How to be your own boss by investing in real-estate

                   ·Closing on a property- what you need to know

                               ·Building wealth one step at a time

                          ·Finding the most profitable properties

       ·Renovation plans- learn how to renovate quickly and save money

             ·Selection of tenants- this is KEY to investment success

                     ·Establishing credit to finance your investments

                      ·Take control and plan your retirement now

                         ·Learn safety tips and minimize risks

                          ·Diversifying your financial portfolio


                       Seminar Dates/Times


       Summer 2017 Seminar Dates TBA. Check back often for updates!


      Location:  DiCerbo Properties Building, 216 Fourth Street, Irwin, PA 15642.


Seminars are held in the conference room at Sage's Army Headquarters. 

     Our goal is to provide on-going seminars and educational meetings to keep your investments growing.



 "I recently attended Otis’s real estate investment seminar. Otis provided a very helpful overview of how and why you want to be investing in real estate.  One of the biggest benefits of the course is not listed on the curriculum and that is Otis himself. Knowing  good, trustworthy people in this business is invaluable to your success. Otis teaches because he loves what he does and wants to share what he has learned over the years. I highly recommend the course to anyone getting started in real estate."

           Justin Betters


           K&S Real Estate



For more information about topics to learn and grow your business, check out local groups that meet monthly in your area. These groups include Real Estate Investors and members from the Landlord Association of Westmoreland County led by Otis DiCerbo, ACRE led by Josh Adamek, the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investor Group led by Jerry Kiasonak and the Westmoreland Investor Group led by Brandon Yeager and the Pittsburgh REI Group led by Josh Caldwell.    


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